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Psa Nitrogen Gas Generators

Psa Nitrogen Gas Generators


Condition New
Capacity 1Nm3/Hr to 1000 Nm3/Hr
Packaging Can be packed as per client requirement
Min. Order Quantity As per client requirement

These PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators are based on PSA technology i.e. Pressure Swing Adsorption. The PSA Nitrogen Gas Generation Plants are economical, reliable, durable and user friendly. They are fully automatic, self contained and ready to install. They also have a low generation and maintenance cost. We supply our products to industries such as Metallurgical Industry, Synthetic & Fiber Industry, Chemical Industries, Food Packaging Industries, Pharmaceutical Industry, Optical industry, Electronic Industry etc. We have also become one of the reliable PSA Nitrogen Gas Generation Plants Manufacturers in India.

Our nitrogen gas generator is based on P.S.A Technology and that is called PRESSURE SWING ADSORPTION.

Nitrogen Gas Generation : The main ingredient of Nitrogen Plant is CMS (CARBON MOLECULER SIEVE) and CMS is having indefinite pores on the surface, which adsorb the molecules of Oxygen, Moisture and Unwanted gases from compressed air. Nitrogen gas, which is not adsorbed into the surface of CMS comes out from adsorbed tower and collects in the surge vessel.

Nitrogen Generator PEE Model
This is very simple Model for producing the Commercial grade of Nitrogen with its Purity of 99% and very economical. This Model is suitable up to 99.9% Purity.

DX Model
This Model is used as High Purity Nitrogen plant wherein the purity level is 1-2 PPM. This type of Plant is used where Hydrogen contents are required. This plant is Commonly used for Heat treatment, Chemical and Electronics industries.

Copper  DX
This Model is used as Ultra Pure Nitrogen Plant and its Purity level is 1PPM (max). This is used where Nitrogen gas is required, free from Oxygen and Hydrogen. This Model is Commonly used in Optical cable, Electronic and Synthetic Fiber Industries.

Advantage Of P. S. A. Nitrogen Plant

  • P.S.A Plant is Reliable, Economical, Durable and user friendly.
  • Fully Automatic  No special operator required.
  • Low generation Cost Pay Back period within one year.
  • Self Contained unit and ready to install.
  • Consistency of Purity and no hassles of Nitrogen Cylinder.
  • Maintenance cost is very low.Minimum life of CMS is 10-12 year.

Application of Nirogen GAS

  • Metallurgical Industry
  • Synthetic & Fiber Industry
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Packaging Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Optical industryElectronic Industry

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