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Air Dryers

We are one of the prominent Air Dryers Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have an optimal range to offer our clients. Our range encompasses of premium quality Heat of Compression Dryers & Refrigerated Air Dryer. We use the best quality equipments and machines to manufacture our products so that they are efficient. We also offer our products at affordable prices and deliver them well within the stipulated time. We are one of the reliable Heatless Air Dryers Exporters from India.

Why Air Dryer is Required
Compressed Air is Used in Industries for Various Applications in Pneumatic Tools, Instruments and Machines and in a Variety of Production Processes. the Consequences of Using Wet Air Causes Rust and Scale Deposits in Steel Pipes, Increases Resistance in Flow, Malfunctioning of Process Control Instruments, Corrosion and Damage to Electromagnetic Valves and Pneumatic System, Peeling and Blistering Effect On Spray Painted Surface Etc. Thus It Will Affect the Quality of Product and Leads to Excessive Maintenance Cost.

Ideal Compressed System
Air from the Compressor Has Excessive Moisture and Contaminants. the Sketch Below Shows a Typical Compressed Air System to Remove These Damaging Impurities and Getting Clean Dry Air. When Compressed to 7kg/cm2g the Temperature of Discharge Air Reaches Around 140oc. the After Cooler and Separator Installed After the Compressor Will Cool the Air and Remove 90% of Moisture and Oil. for Instance, When the Compressor Takes in 100 Nm3/hr of Ambient Air At 40oc and 50% Relative Humidity At 7kg/cm2g, the After Cooler Will Condense An Average of 30 Liters of Water in 24 Hours. if the Outlet Air Temperature from the After Cooler is 40oc, It Still Contains 8000-ppm of Moisture. At 45oc Compressed Air Contains 10,500 Ppm, At 50oc, 13,500-ppm Moisture that is Removed By Air Dryer. Therefore, Lower the Temperature of Air At Dryer Inlet, Smaller Would Be the Size of Air Drying Unit.

Pre Cooler
If Compressed Air Temperature is Higher Than 40oc, It is Essential to Pre Cool. this Cooling is Achieved in a Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger Using Cooling Water. Using this Cooling Some Moisture Condenses Out, Which Helps in Keeping the Moisture Load Low On Air Dryer and Better Dew-point of Air.

Dew Point
"dew Point is the Measurement of Moisture in Air. It is the Temperature At Which Moisture Present in the Air Starts Condensing. Lower the Dew Point, More Dry is the Airâ.

Oil Filter
Oil Present in Compressed Air is Detrimental to the Desiccant of Air Dyer. if Not Removed, It Gets Coated On the Desiccant and Reduces Moisture Adsorption Capacity Resulting in Frequent Replacement of Desiccant. Therefore if Your Compressor is Oil-lubricated Type, An Oil Filter Before the Air Dryer is Essential. this Oil Filter Has Activated Carbon, Which Removes Oil from the Air Completely and Thus Enhances Life of Desiccant.

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Chart of Dew Point

Dew Point At Atmospheric pressure Moisture Contents by volume (ppm/ vol.)
Zero 6020
- 50C 3955
- 100C 2562
- 200C 1015
- 300C 374
- 400C 126
- 600C 10
- 800C 0.54
- 1000C 0.0138
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Heatless Air Dryer

To handle both automated inbound and outbound orders, we have exceptional warehousing solutions. We keep the wide array of products sorted in the warehouse to make sure that the delivery commences systematically. Notable name in this field, we successfully cater to the demands of our clientele from Ghaziabad(India) to every nook and corner.


Heat Compression Dryers Exporters

We are amongst the reliable Heat of Compression Type Dryers Manufacturers and Suppliers. Our Heat of Compression Dryers have a very low maintenance cost as there is no moving part. There is no loss of compressed air in our dryers and are also skid mounted and can be easily installed.

The Heat Of


Refrigerated Air Dryer Manufacturers

We provide with the latest and very high quality Refrigerated Air Dryer which is a skid mounted unit consisting of Freon chiller, Air to Air Pre-Cooler and a Moisture Separator. We offer Refrigerated Type Air Dryers made up of the best quality parts and we also provide them within the stipulated time. We are one